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How to cut old propane bottles.

Steel Smoker

Here you will find the Free Plans
for building our BBQ Smoker.
(and it's a good size smoker)

Keep checking back.

This smoker is being made from
two old propane bottles, one
for the main cooker and the
other for the fire box.

Smoker, Bar-B-Que, Grill
 While we search for the best way to cook outdoors we should remember that Grilling is Hot and Fast over open flames and shouldn't be confused with the Low, Slow and indirect heat method of Bar-B-Que. While the word Bar-B-Que in today's world is used for anything cooked outside and with charcoal, wood or gas. But true Bar-B-Que today is done on offset cookers or Smokers. The cooking chamber and the fire chamber are kept separate for the Low, Slow and indirect cooking of the food.

 These terms are used loosely in today's world of outdoor cooking. But have you ever considered where did it all start? Etymologist (study of the history of words) think the word barbecue comes from the word barabicu used by Timucua Indians in the central and northern parts of Florida and from the Taino Indians of the Caribbean's. It is believed that the Indians would dig a whole in the ground and cook a goat or some other animal by covering it with leaves and placing coals on top.

 In today's world of bbq we have many fancy and not so fancy ways to cook out doors. I have seen big pots with an oven grate on it to outrageously priced smokers used to cook bbq. Its my own personal opinion that bbq is so popular because of the smell of the wood and meat mixing while cooking. There is no better smell. Cooking with wood (mesquite, hickory, maple, guava, cherry, pecan, apple and oak) is the ultimate seasoning for any meat and most vegetables.

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Get The Plans Absolutely Free!

Tanks ready to cut. Main tank with doors cut out. Junior checks out his handy work. Back of main tank.
Starting the trailer. Working on fire box. Fire box door finished. Main tank doors.
Fire box and main tank. Working on the trailer. Wayne helps out. Smoke stacks installed.
Fire Box attached to Pit. Axle attached to trailer. Trailer all finished. Smoker joined to the trailer.
Sandblasted and ready for paint. Stove black, 1000 degree paint. Smoker all finished. Back side of smoker, fire box.

Two Pigs For Easter.
Cooked using
Lump charcoal and
Pecan wood.

Two Pigs For Easter

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